Saturday, 6 February 2016

Metaphor and Learning

Feeling both young and old
Confussed and bold
A Rebel who does what he is told 

Building projects are moving and also standing still
Basic ideas are the center of learning
New stuff is added to old

And what do you do when the Turkeys come for you -- No Joke the wild turkeys are back and
it is better than netflicks -- the window goes both ways.

Adult learners are like cats

Adult learners are like cats. Lazy and effective. Sometimes it is good to just relax and enjoy the heat of the fire. I take notes from my cat and dog. Both are adventures and currious and both take time to rest and save up energy for later.

Fun top of the head thinking on experiencial education.

This is just a little video I made while I was thinking about the short video we have to make for the course. I am a little releaved and a little disapointed that more is not expected in terms of the video we are supposed to produce. We will see what I come up with but I find that I learn as much thinking through the ideas than I do actually doing the work - one point for procratastination. Also a little tip -- my brouser is no longer offering coments on my spelling -- not sure if it is a punnishment or a reward.
Not sure that this is really an instructional stategy in the same way that some of the other examples are but I will pull it off or move over to discuss physical activity or something else simple and great like that. I will look into Carl Rodgers idea of experincial education and see if it is something I still feel good about discussing.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

The story lasts longer

Rocks listen to gravity
The pull of the earth
January 30th was the 9 year aniversary of my fathers death. I decided to post a video that he made with a couple of other local artists a bunch of years back. I find it interesting that one of the forum discussions is on digital story telling. This discussion feels fresh and new and yet my father was taking it seriously some 10+ years ago. Please enjoy a moment of reflection, a story in motion on a forgotten page.

There is a second video called the shadow of the world.

Sunday, 31 January 2016

Quotes from my comments that could be applied to other subjects


Re: Definition of a flipped classroom
by William Parker (Will) - Thursday, 28 January 2016, 9:48 AM


In education I feel it is often the case that new teaching ideas should be welcomed but should not be expected or allowed to replace the old. The flipped class room sounds like a great idea for many programs and could add meaningful diversity to all students learning experience. I guess I also like to feel some flexibility left up to the teacher and feel that I diversity of learning experience is better but having only one system is a lack of diversity.
I think there are a list of pro s that are specific to each program and that they should be figured out by the teachers and administration to best facilitate student learning. I feel like many teachers have been trying to do this for years and it only works some of the time for them. So I guess I am saying this is a tool and context is everything.