Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Reflecting on adult learners

A back yard Igloo

       One of the things I have taken from the forum discussion on adult learners is that they need to understand why the learning is important and what the information relates to. It makes me think about the times I have decided to try something just for the experience. There are also some experiences that it would take a great deal of convincing for me to try. But trying something is not quite as good as really wanting to learn something.
       A couple of years ago I built a back yard Igloo for a new years party. The guests were quite impressed and some asked if I would come and build one at their house or perhaps teach them how. I was reminded of how keen I had been on learning how to make an Igloo in grade 10. A motivated learner is a special thing. Learning to motivate yourself is something worth learning.

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I can see the cycles of change; I can be the cycles of change.

Eagles nest by the river -- this dead cottonwood has fallen and the new nest is on the other side of the river 
I am working on this blog again as part of my last class in the Provincial Instructor Diploma Program. It feels great to be learning by doing and focusing on completing another stage in my journey of life long learning. I feel good about the instructional strategies course. 
I am leading a discussion forum on adult learners and have been quite conscious of myself as an adult learner.  I find myself thinking about the ways I know myself as a learner. I am a good observer and I am a great learner. I feel like I become even better at learning with each new skill I acquire. I feel like it is important for all learners to have confidence in their learning abilities.